Partial Hospitalization and Day Treatment


Emotional problems can be overwhelming for your child and troubling for you as a parent. When it becomes evident that the issues require outside intervention, Children’s Health℠ is there to provide the most appropriate, compassionate and effective treatment options.

Why Children's Health℠?

Children’s Health℠ is the nation’s eighth-largest pediatric health care provider. For more than 100 years, Children’s Health℠ has been dedicated to making life better for children afflicted with complex physical and mental conditions that require optimal care.

We offer one of the most comprehensive specialty programs available for children and teens that need psychiatric and psychological services. Our programs offer a variety of formats (e.g., group therapy, individual therapy, and parent and family therapy), and our specialists direct children’s participation according to specific needs. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Children's Health℠ offers two partial hospitalization programs:

  • Our General Psychiatry partial hospitalization program—geared for young people from our inpatient programs— provides a step-down approach (or a decrease in treatment as stability increases).
  • Our Eating Disorders partial hospitalization program provides care for patients entering the program and also for patients stepping down from the inpatient level of care.

Both programs offer comprehensive care that would allow your child to gradually and effectively reduce his care while maximizing the likelihood of a successful transition back to home and school.

Further, these programs allow patients, who may require additional support and structure, access to more extensive care than what is provided through outpatient treatment.

Day Treatment Services

Children’s Health Day Treatment Program, which represents an intermediate level of care, treats children with behavioral problems, school anxiety, noncompliance with a prescribed medical regimen, or difficulties with social functioning (such as refusal or aggression).

The children we treat experience depression, spectrum disorders and/or other medical psychiatric disorders. Children may be referred from schools, their pediatrician, inpatient services, or an outpatient provider. Also, children may be referred after an emergency room visit.

A child’s “presenting problems” may include difficulty functioning at home, school, or in community environments. The goal of day treatment is the prevention of hospitalization. We do this by teaching children the developmentally appropriate coping and social skills.

The program operates five days a week, eight hours a day. While in the program, your child will still attend her school. Our staff will communicate and plan with your child’s home classroom at the program’s entry and discharge stages. This approach allows for continued development of skills as well as feedback to the school regarding effective management of your child’s academic needs.
Additional therapies our experts use include social and coping skills groups, psychiatric medication management, and music, art and recreation therapies. Treatment is provided in a supportive and highly structured environment. Psychological testing is available if and when necessary.

A day treatment/partial hospitalization service is also offered at the Plano campus for children and adolescents with eating disorders.

Cry for Help: Our Response

The passage from childhood to adolescence to young adulthood is fraught with personal challenges – arising from peer pressure, family crises, and loss, among others. Indeed, many factors can affect your child’s emotions and, in turn, behaviors. She may experience anxiety, depression, or troubled relationships at home or in school. Inner turmoil even might lead to trouble with the law or to thoughts of suicide. When emotional problems don’t go away, your child needs help. View his troubling behaviors as signals for help.

Children’s Health is here to respond with the most appropriate individualized psychiatric and psychological help. Our partial hospitalization and day treatment services have proven to be effective solutions.