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Pediatric Poland Syndrome

Pediatric Poland Syndrome

What is Pediatric Poland Syndrome?

Poland Syndrome is a rare condition in which one side of the chest and one arm does not develop as expected. The extent of the problem is very variable: some patients are only affected by an asymmetry in the contour of their chest as part of the ‘pec’ muscle has not formed, but in more severe forms of the condition, patients can have no pectoral muscles on the affected side, incomplete development of part of their ribcage and an underdeveloped hand with short or missing fingers.

How is Pediatric Poland Syndrome treated?

Especially in treating children with Poland Syndrome, it is important to personalize treatment to take into account not only the extent of the condition and how the individual patient is affected, but also to look ahead to how that child will grow and develop over time.

Pediatric Poland Syndrome Doctors and Providers