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Gynaecomastia is the development of breast tissue in a male patient. It is a common condition and is most often seen in boys going through puberty due to hormonal changes occurring at this time. Most of the time, this gynaecomastia disappears by itself without any need for treatment but it may not go completely; or it may be caused by a problem with the production or regulation of hormones, or even a type of tumor, in which case it is likely to need treatment.

Gynaecomastia varies widely in its severity and its impact on a patient and any approach to a young man with gynaecomastia has to take into account both the underlying cause for the condition and the physical and psychosocial effects of his breast development. For this reason, a multidisciplinary team approach is helpful to evaluate the cause of the gynaecomastia, to assess its impact on the individual and to plan a personalised treatment strategy.

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