Pediatric Breast Hypertrophy

Pediatric Breast Hypertrophy

What is Pediatric Breast Hypertrophy?

Breast hypertrophy is a condition in which breasts grow so heavy that they cause problems. Common complaints with this condition are neck or back pain, rashes developing in the skin folds under the breasts and embarrassment about the shape and size of the breasts.

How is Pediatric Breast Hypertrophy treated?

The main surgical treatment is breast reduction surgery and this operation is very effective at improving the quality of life of women affected. Deciding whether and when to undergo this surgery, however, is a big decision as it does leave scars on the breasts, can have consequences for breast feeding, and, although the risks are small, there is the potential for significant complications from the operation.

Pediatric Breast Hypertrophy Doctors and Providers