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Breast Asymmetry


While some degree of breast asymmetry, or difference in size and shape between the two sides, is present in most women, breasts can occasionally develop significantly differently. When this difference reaches the point at which it is difficult to find underwear that fits, if there is neck, shoulder or back pain due to the difference in weight between the two sides or when the woman has psychosocial consequences from the difference between the two sides, then women may choose to seek treatment for breast asymmetry.

When treating breast asymmetry in children and young women, it is important to realise that, even in the same person, breasts can develop at different ages, so it is important to wait until the natural breasts have developed prior to planning surgery to correct any breast asymmetry. We offer a personalised treatment to take into account not only the extent of the condition and how the individual patient is affected, but also to look ahead to how that young woman will grow and develop over time.

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