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Pediatric Skin Lesions


The plastic surgery program at the Fogelson Plastic Surgery & Craniofacial Center integrates leading technology in the treatment of traumatic injuries and congenital conditions in infants, children and adolescents.

Team of Experts 

At Children’s Health℠, your child will work with a team of experts. The team is all located on the same campus meaning your child does not need to see multiple specialists in different areas to treat one thing. This multidisciplinary team strives to provide the best possible care for your child with the goal of helping them look and feel better, and live normal lives.

Skin Surgery Locations

Patients are seen for surgeries at our Children’s Medical Center Dallas and Children’s Medical Center Plano campus. Evaluations and follow-up appointments take place at the Dallas and Plano campuses.

Treating Dermoid Cysts 

Most dermoid cysts can be diagnosed by your plastic surgeon following a full physical exam. Often, no further testing is required. The only reliable treatment for dermoid cysts is surgery to remove it. Your team at Children's Health can walk you and your child through this process.

Nasal Dermoid Tracts

Nasal dermoid tracts are rare conditions in which a dermoid cyst is present under the skin of the nose. We work as a multidisciplinary team with pediatric plastic surgeons, pediatric neurosurgeons and pediatric radiologists to undertake a thorough assessment of the position and extent of the nasal dermoid tract and plan the operation necessary to remove it.

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