Moebius Syndrome


Moebius syndrome is a congenital condition, meaning it is present at birth, in which certain nerves within the face do not work. People affected cannot move the muscles of their face to form expressions and cannot move their eyes to the outside. As a result, they have a relatively expressionless, ‘mask-like’ face, and they turn their head to look at objects rather than moving their eyes.

When treating a child with Moebius syndrome, it is important to consider that this is a complex problem, and the child is likely to require ongoing support and multiple treatments as he or she develops over time. The multidisciplinary craniofacial team at Children’s Health℠ assesses and reviews children with Moebius syndrome and is able to treat both the physical and the psychosocial aspects of the condition. We plan treatment unique to each child to give the best long-term outcome.

Signs and Test

Signs and Test

Moebius syndrome is diagnosed by a careful clinical assessment and detailed physical examination of the nerves themselves, complications arising from the lack of nerve activity and other frequently associated conditions.

Signs to look for are a lack of facial expressions, the inability to look to the side and difficulty with feeding.


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