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Craniofacial Conditions and Treatments


Pediatric Craniosynostosis

The skull is formed by several separate bones. These skull bones are connected to one another by specialized structures called sutures. These sutures look like seams or spaces between the skull bones. The sutures are growth centers for the skull bones.

Pediatric Ear Deformity Conditions

Ear deformity conditions can be caused due to injury or may be present from birth. They can also be a wide range of abnormalities from small ears to shape abnormalities to having no external ear at all.

Pediatric Hypertelorism

Hypertelorism is a term used to describe an abnormally large distance between the eyes. It refers to the position of the bony orbits, the ‘eye sockets,’ in which the eyes lie, in the skull.

Pediatric Nasal Reconstruction

Nasal reconstruction is rebuilding a nose that looks as natural as possible after some or all of it is missing. As the nose is so central in the face, any damage, deformity or difference between the two sides is easily and readily noticed.

Pediatric Pierre Robin

Pierre Robin syndrome is a condition present at birth, that can be characterized by a smaller than normal lower jaw, a tongue that falls back in the throat, and difficulty breathing.

Pediatric Plagiocephaly

Positional or deformational plagiocephaly (play-GEE-oh-sef-alee) is the most common cause of an abnormal head shape. This is most often caused by the position of the baby’s head both in the womb, as well as shortly after birth.


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