Analytical Imaging & Modeling Center (AIM)

Analytical Imaging & Modeling Center (AIM)

The Analytical Imaging and Modeling (AIM) Center has been established as a non-radiologic imaging core for the use of clinical and research faculty at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. The AIM Center offers the latest and most advanced non-radiologic imaging technologies to aid in imaging every aspect of the body. 

What to Expect

When you visit the Analytical Imaging and Modeling (AIM) Center at Children’s Health, an imaging specialist will welcome you and provide you with an overview of the imaging procedure planned for your child. Parents or guardians can accompany the patient to the imaging lab.

The imaging technologies available at the Analytical Imaging and Modeling (AIM) Center involve recordings of the patient’s likeness, which helps the medical staff at Children’s Health plan and optimize treatment.

All images are obtained in a private lab, and one patient is scanned at a time. Appointments at the AIM Center may vary in length depending on the imaging employed and protocol used.

Research and Education

Collaborative and interdisciplinary research is an important part of the Analytical Imaging and Modeling (AIM) Center. The goal of research initiatives is to apply cutting-edge technologies to challenging clinical problems in order to improve patient health.

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