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Plastics & Craniofacial Surgery Patient Stories


Find out what past and current patients that have visited the Fogelson Plastic Surgery & Craniofacial Center at Children’s Health℠ are saying about their experiences with our extraordinary staff of surgeons and nurses.


Wendy’s Story

Wendy was born with a complete right-sided cleft lip and submucous cleft palate. When she was 4 months old, she had reconstructive surgery. Read about Wendy’s journey and how her parents knew she was in the best hands possible.


Juan’s Story

Juan is a playful toddler who loves the outdoors and all kinds of food, especially fruit and spaghetti. But feeding him has not always been easy for his mom, Claudia. Learn about the process of reconstructing Juan’s cleft lip and palate.

Stephanie's Photo

Bridget's Story

Meet Bridget, a young patient with cleidocranial dysplasia (CCD), who loves to make others smile. Learn more about her treatments at Children's Health.

Rebecca's Story

Liliana’s Story

When an inflammation on her daughter's cheek turned out to be a facial tumor, Antonia turned to the experts at Children's Health. Learn more about her story.

Stephanie's Photo

Stephanie's Story

Fifteen-year-old Stephanie loves dancing. But after joining the dance team at her high school and wearing ponytails on a regular basis, all Stephanie could think about during performances was whether people noticed her ears.

Rebecca's Story

Rebecca’s Story

By the time she was nine years old, Rebecca, now age 17, had already undergone eight surgeries to correct her cleft lip. Since then, she’s had three additional surgeries, with one final procedure scheduled this December. She’s faced challenges - physically and emotionally - that no child should have to bear. Through it all, however, if there’s one word to describe her, it’s strong.

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