Pediatric Hand Surgery

Pediatric Hand Surgery


Tiny breaks can mean big problems. The human hand is made up of dozens of miniature structures—from bones and muscles to tendons and ligaments. Because of these intricacies, hand surgery requires specialized training.

At Children’s Health Andrews Institute, our expert hand surgeons can treat a range of surgical needs for infants, children and adolescents. We give each child the highest level of form and function for their hands as possible.

Why Choose Children’s Health Andrews Institute for Hand Surgery?

Parents trust our hand surgeons to treat acute injuries and congenital differences because we offer:

  • Highly skilled, compassionate surgeons: Our hand surgeons are board certified in plastic surgery and received fellowship training in hand surgery. This specialized training means our surgeons are experts in microsurgery, or the intricacies of operating on the hand’s tiny tissues, bones, tendons, nerves and other structures. They also have a passion for what they do, developing long-term relationships with many patients and families.
  • Pediatric rehabilitation services: For children with chronic conditions or acute injuries that require a long-term rehabilitation, we offer comprehensive rehabilitation services directed specifically toward children. Learn more about our rehabilitative and sports medicine services.
  • Integrated care: Our hand surgeons work closely with other specialists, including pediatric orthopedic and sports medicine surgeons. If your child has many injuries that span different parts of the body, we coordinate to take care of multiple issues at one time, when possible. If your first contact with us is through Children’s Health ER, such as for a smashed finger, we offer a seamless record transfer and care transition to Children’s Health Andrews Institute.
  • A child-focused facility: All surgeries are performed at Children’s Medical Center Plano, where all care specialists are experts in the needs of children—from our surgeons and nurses to our anesthesiologists. Safety and comfort are our goals.

Hand Injuries We Treat

When a child sustains an acute hand injury, timely treatment is crucial. For example, if a finger loses its blood supply, it requires treatment within 3 to 6 hours. We prioritize seeing you when you need us.

In most scenarios, sports-related hand injuries tend to heal within 6 weeks. We treat a range of hand injuries, including:

  • Fractures of the wrist and the fingers
  • “Jamming,” when a child’s fingers get accidentally shut in a door
  • Soft tissue injuries, such as lacerations

Congenital Hand Conditions We Treat

When children are born with congenital differences that affect a hand’s form or function, surgery can often correct the issue. This may mean one or two surgeries.

Other times, doctors work with families to form a multi-year plan over the course of a child’s development. Due to the potential for a long-term treatment plan, the relationship with a hand surgeon is key for many families. Read more about our comprehensive care for neuromuscular disorders.

Some of the common congenital conditions we treat include:

  • Syndactyly, where fingers are fused together
  • Polydactyly, where a child has extra fingers
  • Radial club hand, which can cause a child to be born without a thumb
  • Cleft hand, which can cause a child to be born without certain fingers

Whenever our hand surgeons meet with a patient who has a congenital difference in their hands, their goal is to:

  • Give each child the most function possible
  • Return a hand’s visual appearance to as normal a form as possible

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