Neuromuscular and Congenital Treatment

Neuromuscular and Congenital Treatment


Parents of children with a neuromuscular disorder such as cerebral palsy come to us with one question: “How can you make my child’s life better?” With a multispecialty approach to care, we work with children and families to give each child a high quality of life.

Why Choose Children’s Health Andrews Institute for Neuromuscular and Congenital Treatment?

Whether it’s helping a child walk more easily or enabling him or her to hold a spoon so they can feed themselves, Children’s Health Andrews Institute offers a combined treatment approach for disorders of muscle imbalance and increased tone.

We offer a range of non-operative and operative treatments. Parents choose our program because we offer:

  • Timely access to care: Some specialists have months-long waiting lists. We prioritize access to care to see you quickly.
  • Combined neuromuscular clinic: Treating neuromuscular disorders can be complex, often requiring long-term management. During our multispecialty clinic, families can get expert opinions from a surgeon and a physical medicine rehabilitative physician—in one visit. This team approach offers a comprehensive view on surgical and nonsurgical treatment options to help families determine the best plan for their child.
  • Care coordination: In addition to the multispecialty clinic, our specialists work closely to coordinate surgeries. When we combine surgeries, it means one less sedation episode and recovery period for your child.

Treating Neuromuscular Disorders

Neuromuscular disorders can cause problems with how your child’s limbs move or the spine grows. Common conditions we treat include:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Spina bifida
  • Rhett's syndrome
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Muscular dystrophy

Because these conditions affect every child differently, care is individualized and can be lifelong. Some families may consider several different nonsurgical and surgical treatment options over the course of a child’s lifetime.

Our specialists work with families to find the best treatment path for your child. That team includes:

  • A physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, who can discuss nonsurgical treatments such as physical therapy
  • Orthopedic surgeons, who may discuss surgical options to treat upper or lower extremities
  • Orthotists, who can assist with how to use braces
  • Physical therapists, who can guide your child through various exercises to help improve movement

Multispecialty Neuromuscular Clinic

Twice a month, our surgeon along with a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician come together to see patients in a combined neuromuscular clinic that treats disorders of muscle imbalance and increased tone.

This clinic offers patients the combined expertise to discuss both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options as well as the convenience of seeing two specialists in one visit. Our expert hand surgeons also visit our neuromuscular clinic regularly. Learn more about hand surgery.

Common treatment aspects we address at this clinic include:

  • Rehabilitative treatment options for dystonia symptoms
  • Splinting or orthotic treatments for a limb paralysis
  • Physical therapy needs after surgery for a neuromuscular condition
  • Surgical options that might benefit your situation

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