Diagnostic Imaging Services

Diagnostic Imaging Services


Where there’s high activity, there’s risk for injury—and Dallas-Fort Worth families are fueled by action. At Children’s Health Andrews Institute, a fast, accurate diagnosis is the first step to getting back in the fray. We offer X-ray and MRI right in our facility, often on the same day you’re evaluated.

Why Choose Children’s Health Andrews Institute for Diagnostic Imaging?

We’ve developed a reputation for getting patients in quickly. A prompt diagnosis means faster treatment—ensuring children are back in the action as soon as possible.

Families choose Children’s Health Andrews Institute for diagnostic imaging because of our:

  • Pediatric trained medical team: Our physician team is trained in pediatric orthopedics or sports medicine (and in some cases, both). That means they’re experts at evaluating a range of youth sport injuries as well as congenital or hereditary conditions. If your child gets an X-ray or MRI, it’s analyzed by a pediatric musculoskeletal-trained radiologist who can offer a precise diagnosis.
  • Fast access to complete care: Our goal is to take care of children and adolescents when they need us. Sometimes, that need is urgent. For acute injuries, we aim to see you within 24 hours. We offer X-rays and advanced MRI on-site, which help you get answers fast. Often, we can treat patients (with casting, for example) at the time of diagnosis, in the same clinic space. Read more about fracture care.
  • Commitment to research: As expert pediatric specialists, we are always working to improve our methods and techniques. That’s why we use our advanced imaging technology to study osteochondritis dissecans, a pediatric cartilage disease treated at our Cartilage Center. As part of a 15-center research group, our physicians collect and study outcomes data, in an effort to offer the most effective treatments.

Advanced MRI Imaging

If your doctor suspects a soft tissue injury affecting the ligaments or cartilage, he or she may recommend an MRI. Our facility offers sophisticated 3 Tesla MRI technology to ensure the highest image quality possible with shorter scan times. That means:

  • Faster scan times, meaning children spend less time in the MRI tube compared to a traditional MRI
  • High-quality images, which is particularly important when looking at tiny structures such as tendons, ligaments and cartilage
  • More accurate diagnosis, so we can get started on building your child’s treatment plan

If your physician recommends surgery, our care team specializes in minimally invasive treatments and advanced techniques. Learn more about pediatric orthopedic surgery.

Digital X-Rays

When a child faces a fracture or acute injury, a fast diagnosis is crucial for alleviating your child’s pain and starting them on the path to recovery. Children’s Health Andrews Institute offers X-rays on-site to make that process as efficient as possible.

Many parents have questions about how excessive radiation exposure might affect their child. That’s why we use high-tech digital X-rays instead of traditional film X-rays. When a child stands in our EOS® imaging machine, we can take high-quality X-ray images of the full body. This digital technology provides a low dose of radiation, which is particularly important for younger patients.

Ultrasound Imaging

At Children’s Health Andrews Institute, our team has specialized training in performing and evaluating musculoskeletal ultrasounds in children and adolescents. You won’t need to travel to another facility for diagnosis and answers.

Ultrasound can be particularly helpful for diagnosing injuries:

  • From overuse
  • To the rotator cuff
  • To tendons and muscles

Specialized Diagnostic Services at Children’s Health Specialty Center I Plano

If our physicians recommend more specialized diagnostic services, it’s just a short walk away. Located in the same building, Children’s Health Specialty Center 2 Plano, we provide:

  • Arthrography, a type of medical imaging that evaluates joints
  • Fluoroscopy, used primarily for arthrograms to generate an image of internal organs for diagnostic information
  • Specialized spinal X-rays with advanced EOS technology that captures full-body images using much less radiation

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