Musculoskeletal Infection Patient Stories


Madison's Story

Seven years ago in April of 2007 I came to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas seeking treatment for an extreme, undiagnosed pain in my left femur. A physician at another hospital referred me to you after doing all he could with no results. My family and I came to Children’s praying for an answer.

Lizzie’s Story

Lizzie, now age 9, is a joyful, active child and has been a competitive figure skater since she was four years old. In April 2015, she was on a family trip in Amarillo when she began to complain that her right knee was hurting her. By the time the family checked into their hotel later that night, she was limping so badly she rode the luggage cart up to their hotel room instead of walking.

Cheyenne’s Story

At one moment she was healthy and happy, enjoying an active and care free life with friends and family. She had a minor fall while playing basketball with her friends during the fall of 2013. Within a week, a 12 year old girl named Cheyenne was fighting for her life.


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