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Concussion Program


Concussions require prompt attention, but with the right care and rest, your child should be able to return to school, sports and other activities.

At Children’s, our team of sports medicine specialists and expert neurologists offers timely and accurate diagnoses, while carefully assessing the vague symptoms that often characterize a concussion. Our concussion management expertise and comprehensive care help protect your child’s brain and establish a proper recovery.

In addition to personalized care for your child, we work to improve the medical field’s understanding of concussions and how best to treat them.

Why Children's Health℠?

Highlights of our Concussion Program include:

  • Prompt care: We know you do not want to be kept waiting. Our team assesses your child, makes an accurate diagnosis, and gives you a clear and effective plan as soon as possible.
  • Multidisciplinary approach: Our sports medicine specialists work collaboratively with neuropsychologists and neurosurgeons at Children’s to provide our patients with comprehensive concussion care.    
  • Comprehensive assessment: Concussions can be challenging to diagnose, because the symptoms may be subtle and may not immediately appear. We have the experience and expertise to provide an accurate diagnosis, using a wide range of physical, cognitive and neurological assessment tools.
  • Personalized treatment plan: When your child is diagnosed with a concussion, we give you a clear treatment plan that addresses your child’s unique needs. We give you step-by-step guidance to ensure your child’s brain heals properly and to determine when it is safe for your child to return to school, sports and other activities.
  • Community education: We work with coaches, athletic trainers, parents and athletes across North Texas to raise awareness and deepen understanding of the signs and symptoms of concussions in young athletes.



What is a Concussion?

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury resulting in a temporary loss of normal brain function. Concussions are common injuries in children, especially among those who play sports. It is important to seek prompt medical attention if your child sustained a concussion. There is no such thing as a “minor” concussion, and a concussion can occur without loss of consciousness. 

With prompt treatment, most children recover fully from mild concussions with no long-term effects. However, if children experience repeated concussions, there is a possibility of lasting brain damage. To prevent that from happening, our physicians provide swift, effective diagnosis and treatment.