Concussion Providers

Concussion Providers


Learn more about the concussion providers at Children's Health.

Tonia Sabo

Dr. Tonia Sabo is medical director of Concussion Services at Children’s Health℠. She earned her medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and completed residencies in neurology and pediatrics at the University of Colorado. Before joining Children's Health, Dr. Sabo worked for seven years as an assistant professor of pediatrics and neurology at Colorado Children’s Hospital/University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, where she created a comprehensive headache program and treated several Olympic athletes.

Eric Remster

Dr. Eric Remster is a pediatric neurologist with the Concussion Program at Children's Health.  He is a graduate of the Indiana University School of Medicine and completed residencies at UT Southwestern Medical Center and Orlando Regional Medical Center.  He also completed a fellowship in Pediatric Headache Medicine from UT Southwestern Medical Center.


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