Conditions We Treat

Conditions We Treat


General Genetics

Medical genetics focuses on the diagnosis and management of genetic conditions. Genetic conditions are caused by changes in genes, which are the body’s instructions for growth and development.

Pediatric Marfan Syndrome

Marfan syndrome can cause problems with the heart, eyes, blood vessels and skeleton. Learn more about this condition.

Pediatric Metabolic Disease

The Texas State Department of Health (TDSH) screens approximately 400,000 newborns annually for inherited metabolic diseases and other conditions.

Chromosomal Anomalies

A chromosomal anomaly is a change to a child’s genetic material before birth. Learn more about extra, missing or irregular chromosomes.

Pediatric Down Syndrome

The Down Syndrome Clinic at Children’s Health℠ Specialty Center Dallas Campus is designed to serve all the health needs of children with Down syndrome.

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Newborn Screening

The Children’s Health℠ Newborn Screening Program, in partnership with the Texas Department of State Health Services, strives to ensure that every baby in Texas receives the benefit of early diagnosis and treatment for the conditions detectable on the state metabolic newborn screen.

Pediatric Treacher-Collins Syndrome

Pediatric Treacher-Collins syndrome is a genetic disease in which the facial bones and tissue do not properly develop. Learn how it can impact a child’s ears, eyes, cheeks and jaw.

Pediatric Yunis-Varon Syndrome

Yunis-Varon syndrome is an extremely rare inherited disorder that causes problems with eating, breathing and more. Learn about this condition.


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