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Conditions We Treat


Head and Neck

Some of the conditions we treat include: Lymphangioma or cystic hydroma, Neck cysts and lymph nodes, Parathyroid conditions, and Thyroid disease.


View chest conditions for general surgery.


Pediatric gastrointestinal surgery - Children's Health Dallas, Plano and Park Cities

Reproductive System

When you suspect or detect a cyst of the ovary or rare tumor in a pediatric patient’s pelvic area, you will want to consult with or refer your patient to our team of experts for further care and treatment.


Many acute and chronic ailments benefit from conservative, medical therapy, but some conditions require surgical intervention. One of the conditions we treat is lipomas.


A cyst is an abnormal membranous sac or cavity in the body containing fluid.


It is rare to find a tumor in an infant, child or adolescent. Some tumors are benign, but when you suspect or detect a mass that requires further investigation, you’ll want to consult experts in pediatric oncology and surgery.


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