Adolescent Bariaric Surgery FAQs

Adolescent Bariaric Surgery FAQs


Does insurance pay for surgery?

Most insurance companies will pay for weight loss surgery.  You should check with your plan to see if this is a covered benefit. Insurance companies often have specific requirements that the surgical and scheduling team at Children’s Health will help you with.

What kind of changes will need to be made before and after surgery?

Surgery is only successful when combined with healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes.  This is a commitment patients need to make.

How soon will I start losing weight?

Most patients start losing weight within the first few weeks of surgery. It is important to note that exercise will improve the rate at which you lose weight.

How long will it take for my diabetes or my high blood pressure to improve?

Most complications of obesity improve within 12 to 18 months after surgery.

Are there any complications of weight loss surgery?

Although rare, complications can occur. Your surgeon will review those with you and your family.

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