Pediatric Ovarian Cysts

Pediatric Ovarian Cysts



Ovarian cysts are common in teenage girls.  These are usually normal cystic structures that arise during the normal monthly cycle.  Occasionally, ovarian cysts occur in newborn girls as a result of the effect of maternal hormones. 


  • Bloating
  • Pelvic pain


Small cysts can be observed; larger ones require removal.  Sometimes the cyst enlarges to an abnormal size and may require excision.  Often, this can be done with a minimally invasive (laparoscopic) approach that saves the associated ovary.  If the cyst is very large, an open operation may be required to remove it. 

Ovarian tumors in children are most often benign but can be malignant.  Excision of ovarian tumors is required, saving the ovary, if possible in benign tumors. 

Ovarian tumors and cysts occasionally cause twisting of the ovary and fallopian tube.  In these cases, they are found when a patient is evaluated for abdominal pain.  Twisted ovaries require prompt surgery to prevent damage to the ovary from lack of circulation.


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