Pediatric Lymphangioma

Pediatric Lymphangioma



Lymphangiomas also known as lymphatic malformations, are cystic structures most commonly present as a lump in the head, neck or armpit areas.  These cystic masses can be made up of many small cysts or just a few larger cysts and contain thin fluid.  


These lesions are most commonly noticed as a soft lump just under the skin and sometimes have a blue-ish discoloration. They are typically asymptomatic, unless they become infected which usually results in redness, pain and possibly fever. 

Testing and Diagnosis

The diagnosis of a lymphangioma begins with a physical exam.  Your doctor may recommend imaging including:


If the cysts are few and large, your surgeon may recommend treatment with aspiration of the fluid and injection of medication which causes the cyst to seal. 

If the cysts are multiple and small, it may need to be resected with surgery.  Lymphangiomas are benign but they may recur after surgery. 

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