Pediatric Abdominal Tumors

Pediatric Abdominal Tumors


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What are Pediatric Abdominal Tumors?

Abdominal tumors can form in several abdominal organs in infants, children and adolescents. When you suspect or detect signs of an abdominal mass, you will want to consult with or refer your patient to experts in pediatric oncology and other sub-specialties.

What are the different types of Pediatric Abdominal Tumors?

Because children’s abdominal tumors are rare, they can be difficult to diagnose. The most common tumors in the abdominal area include:



Wilms tumor

Some abdominal tumors are palpable and some cause pain. Others cause no pain or symptoms that are similar to other conditions or to benign tumors.

How are Pediatric Abdominal Tumors diagnosed?

How are Pediatric Abdominal Tumors treated?

Most abdominal tumors require biopsy, resection of the tumor and sometimes, the involved organ. Children may receive radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

In rare cases, a child will need a stem cell transplant or an organ transplant. Children’s Health performed more than 50 solid organ transplants last year. Our surgeons are board certified in pediatric surgery, along with either general surgery or a surgical sub-specialty.

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