Preparing for your Visit

Preparing for your Visit


Because we know that children placed in foster care have sometimes been affected by childhood trauma and stress, we recommend that making your first medical appointment be a priority.  National standards for children and teens entering foster care recommend a health screening visit within 72 hours of placement.

First steps

To avoid delays in being seen by a provider at the time of your visit:

  • For a Dallas appointment, please change your PCP (Primary Care Provider) to Dr. Heidi Román or Dr. Hilda Loria by calling 1-866-912-6283 prior to your appointment.
  • For a Plano appointment, please change your PCP (Primary Care Provider) to Dr. Heidi Román by calling 1-866-912-6283 prior to your appointment.


Call 214-867-6000 for Dallas and 469-303-9000 for Plano to schedule a New Patient appointment for your child. We recommend that you keep a calendar so you can track your child’s follow-up medical and/or behavioral health appointments.

Before your appointment

Prepare your child in advance for routine health visits by explaining the purpose of the visit in age-appropriate language so that there are no surprises. When explaining the purpose, be sure to speak positively about the medical provider in order to reduce the child’s fears and promote a healthy relationship with the medical provider. Prepare a list of questions for the medical provider to answer during the appointment and encourage your child or teen to do the same.

What to bring

  • Your child’s immunization records
  • Any medications the child is taking (or a list of medications, including dosages and instructions)
  • A list of your child’s former or current medical and behavioral providers
  • A list of previous schools in case immunization records can be collected from those locations
  • One of the following required legal documents (this can also be faxed in advance of the appointment):
    • Medical Consenter Form 2085-B (Foster Placement)
    • Medical Consenter Form 2085-KO (Kinship Placement)
    • Court order establishing Permanent Managing Conservatorship (PMC)
    • Court order establishing Temporary Managing Conservatorship (TMC)
    • Safety plan agreement from CPS

If your appointment is at our Plano campus, you may fax the legal paperwork to 214-867-5449.
If your appointment is at our Dallas campus, you may fax the legal paperwork to 214-456-3741.

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