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Pediatric Gastroschisis



Gastroschisis usually is diagnosed before birth. The condition, in which the newborn’s intestines protrude from the abdomen, is a serious congenital defect. Once a diagnosis of gastroschisis is made, the fetus should be carefully monitored and the infant’s delivery and repair should be planned.


Surgery to repair gastroschisis is complex and should take place as soon as possible following the infant’s delivery to prevent damage to the intestines. The surgeons at Children’s are board certified in pediatric surgery, along with either general surgery or a surgical subspecialty. We coordinate and provide care for infants who need high-level attention from multiple subspecialists.

Our Team

Our team has special expertise in the critical care of infants and other pediatric patients. We will work closely with you to diagnose gastroschisis and discuss repair plans. Our NICU program has received Level IV designation, and we perform these complex surgical repairs onsite. We work with physicians and families to return infants to their communities, medical and family support for follow-up care.

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