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Thyroid Center What to Expect


Pediatric thyroid disease is generally treated by a variety of physicians and surgeons, many of who may or may not have pediatric subspecialty training and may or may not work within the same facility.  This center aims to align a group of specialists including pediatric endocrinologist, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, and anesthesiologists with an interest in thyroid disease and subspecialty training in the care of pediatric patients in order to optimize care and treatment outcomes.  With a comprehensive center under one facility, communication will be improved and patient and family convenience and ease of access will also be optimized.

The Thyroid Center is the only comprehensive center for the treatment of pediatric thyroid disease in the Dallas metroplex, and one of only a few in the nation. In addition, Children’s Health℠ has the only pediatric Surgical Endocrine Disorders Center in Texas.

The extensive knowledge and experience of the staff gives parents and their children a place to go that understands exactly what kind of care they need. The team diagnoses, evaluates and treats children with:

  • Medical evaluation and management of pediatric thyroid disease including congenital and acquired hypothyroidism, Graves’ disease, hyperthyroidism, inflammatory thyroid disease, and others
  • Medical and surgical evaluation of thyroid masses and nodules
  • Radiologic imaging of thyroid masses and nodules with fine needle aspiration biopsy when indicated
  • Comprehensive surgical management of surgically treatable benign and malignant thyroid disease

When dealing with the endocrine system, highly specialized care is vital to a successful outcome. Expert nurses at the center are committed to staying in contact with the family. With a pediatric cytopathologist on staff at Children’s Health, test results have a rapid turnaround time and tissue diagnosis occurs with minimal risk to the patient. The team at Children’s Health is at the forefront of combating rare endocrine disorders and has an international reputation for performing pediatric endocrine surgical procedures, a key component of the hospital’s path to preeminence.

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