Gender Affirming Care Program

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Gender Affirming Care Program

GENder Education and Care Interdisciplinary Support (GENECIS)

GENECIS provides comprehensive, gender-affirming care to transgender and gender-diverse youth in a supportive and safe environment so they may live fulfilling lives within their families and communities.

Founded in 2015, the GENECIS Program at Children's Health℠, is the largest program in the Southwest with a multi-specialty team of experts. Our team has impacted thousands of youth across the country and is a vital resource for patients, families and communities.

We support youth of all gender expressions and identities, and provide evidence-based, gender-affirming care in a supportive and safe environment. Gender identity is unique for every child and may be different from the sex assigned to them at birth. Our care is individualized and developed through collaboration with patients and their families.

The GENECIS providers follow established guidelines from The Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guidelines and The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) for medical and mental healthcare services, also consistent with the American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement.

While the GENECIS program provides gender affirming care, it does not perform gender affirming surgery.

Gender affirming care

Gender affirming care is for transgender and gender-diverse youth who experience gender dysphoria (i.e., distress associated with physical sex characteristics). While not all individuals who experience a discrepancy between their gender identity and sex assigned at birth experience gender dysphoria, many do. 

Medical intervention is not recommended for children before the onset of puberty.

Supportive Services and Research

The GENECIS Program provides a path to change through compassionate and professional care.
Patient's parent

Multidisciplinary Team

Research and Education

Fostering a safe space

We provide an open and affirming environment where patients of all backgrounds and identities are able to access the highest quality care available. We are by your side, creating a safe space for all children and families.

For additional information or resources, please email or utilize the Pediatric Endocrine Society Resources.