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Patient Education


The following patient education documents and recommended links are provided from your Endocrinology care team. This section is for educational purposes only.  If you have a question, contact a healthcare professional at 214-456-5959 . If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 . This information is not intended to be used for diagnoses or treatment.

Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education

Diabetes 101 Class (PDF)

Diabetes 101: Information from the Dietitian (PDF)

Diabetes 101: Information from Social Work (PDF)

Diabetes Family Notebook (PDF)

Diabetes – Glucagon Emergency Kit (PDF)

Diabetes Jump Start Class: an overview and welcome to our diabetes program (PDF)

Diabetes Kid Fit Class (PDF)

Diabetes Management Instructions: Daily Schedule (PDF)

Diabetes Pattern Management (for better control) (PDF)

Diabetes Survival (Video)

Diabetes Take Charge (PDF)

Hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) (PDF)

Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) (PDF)

Glucose Log

Glucose Log

Glucose Log - Intensive Management (printout) (PDF)

Glucose Log - Monthly (printout) (PDF)

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