Pediatric Hearing and Talking Milestones

Pediatric Hearing and Talking Milestones


0-3 Months

  • Hearing
    • Startle to loud noises?
    • Appear to recognize a familiar voice and quiet if crying?
  • Talking
    • Make cooing sounds?
    • Cry differently for each need?


4-6 Months

  • Hearing
    • Respond to tone changes in your voice?
    • Move eyes in the direction of sound?
  • Talking
    • Babble with different sounds like b, p, d?
    • Vocalizes excitement and displeasure ?



  • Hearing
    • Listen when spoken to?
    • Turn in direction of a sound?
  • Talking
    • Imitate different sounds?
    • Say dada, mama?


1-2 Years

  • Hearing
    • Follow a simple command like “Wave bye-bye”?
    • Point to pictures when named?
  • Talking
    • Ask short-worded questions like “What’s that?”?
    • Say more words each month?


2-3 Years

  • Hearing
    • Understand the differences in meaning (off/on, up/down)?
    • Follow two requests (get the cup and put it on the table)?
  • Talking
    • Ask why?
    • Use two or three words to talk about things?


3-4 Years

  • Hearing
    • Hear you when you call from another room?
    • Understand words for some colors (blue, red)?
  • Talking
    • Answer simple who, what, where, why questions?
    • Say rhyming words?


4-5 Years

  • Hearing
    • Understand words for time?
    • Follow what is said at school/ home?
  • Talking
    • Keep a conversation going?
    • Tell a short story?


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