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Pediatric Combined Allergy Sinus Clinic



When your child is suffering from a runny nose or has other sinus issues, it may be hard for you to tell if it's an allergy, sinus, or immunological problem. The Combined Allergy Sinus Clinic (Cascade) at Children’s Health℠ provides comprehensive evaluation for all three. Tests include allergy evaluation, immunological testing, cultures and cilia brushings.

The CASCADE Clinic focusing on acute and chronic pediatric sinusitis, allergic fungal sinusitis, sinus surgery and allergic disease. This combined approach allows for complete evaluation of the patient who may benefit from surgical intervention, allergy management or both. 

If allergies are determined to be a contributing factor, we provide allergy immunotherapy in the form of shots or drops. We work to improve each patient s nasal and sinus health.

Conditions We Treat