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Pediatric Hearing Test



When your doctor does a physical exam of your child, you may be referred for additional hearing testing to more completely evaluate your child’s hearing. Our hearing tests are specially designed to effectively test the hearing of children of all ages. Hearing testing is quick, easy and does not hurt.

Children’s Health can test any child, of any age, regardless of whether he or she is healthy or unhealthy, in the hospital or as an outpatient. We have a large number of pediatric otolaryngologists and audiologists in multiple locations who specialize in evaluation children’s hearing.


Why does my child need extra hearing tests?

If your child has difficulty hearing, it is important to have tests done that will show why there is a problem. Hearing is vital to your child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. Even a mild or partial hearing loss can affect a child's ability to speak and understand language.

What if a hearing problem is discovered?

If a hearing loss is diagnosed, we will refer you to a care team that includes a primary care doctor, otolaryngologist, audiologist, speech-language pathologist, teachers and, when needed, a psychologist. Early intervention is an important step in treating your child for hearing loss.


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