Patient Stories

Patient Stories


Past and current patients of the Center for Cerebrovascular Disorders in Children share their experiences with our extraordinary staff of surgeons and nurses. 

Patient Jesus

Jesus' Story

Fifteen-year-old Jesus Villanueva recently learned to walk again – a big feat for the all-around sports player whose goal is to be back on the basketball court and football field.

patient Austin

Austin's Story

Four years ago, Austin Rice was a typical, active 10-year-old who loved playing baseball. One day at practice, he complained of a severe headache and within minutes began sweating profusely with no feeling on his left side.

patient Zeke

Zeke's Story

Zeke’s initial diagnosis was challenging due to the complex nature of his AVM, and it wasn’t entirely clear what, if anything, could be done to repair the blood vessel malformations in his head. Dr. Swift provided a multidisciplinary approach with his peers to ensure Zeke the best possible outcome for his condition.


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