Patient Stories


Blayklie and Steph's Story

Blayklie Knapp was diagnosed with acute mylogenous leukemia at 18 months old; she and her family found out that she needed a bone marrow transplant to cure her of her leukemia. Read and learn more about how a Be The Match donor help Blayklie receive her transplant and the relationship that was to come between her and her donor.

Andrew's Story

Read about Andrew patient story experience at Children’s Health as he awaits for the perfect match for a bone marrow transplant and learning how joining the Be The Match registry could be Andrew’s life-saving match or the match for the other 70 percent of patients who also do not have a match in their family.

Sonia's Story

As an adult, Sonia decided to seek a cure through a bone marrow transplant. Though she has three younger siblings, Sonia does not have a match and has not been able to find an unrelated donor. Learn more about Sonia's experience at Children's Health and how Be The Match donor dive can help Sonia along with many other children get the transplants they are needing.

Cheyene's story

At 16 years old, Cheyene Mills’ received a lifesaving bone marrow transplant in her third search for a match. Read and learn about Cheyene's experience with Children's Health and Be The Match donor drive.


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