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Pre-Adoption Assessment and Consultation


The physicians who practice at Children’s Health are available for consultations from overseas to provide support and information during the adoption process, and on-call support is available to you as you travel.  Once the adoption process is complete and the child is home, an initial health screen should be scheduled with a Children’s Health physician.

During the pre-adoption assessment and consultation, a specialist will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of the child's medical records before the adoption process proceeds, and will explain it in understandable terms. At this time, the physician will answer any questions concerning the health of the child and any medical concerns you may have.

Pre-adoption consultation fees

General medical risk consultation                $150
Limited referral $200
Standard referral, 1st $300
Standard referral, 2nd $200
Standard referral, sibling group $400
Standard referral with video $400
Expedition (within 24 hours) $100
Special needs referral $400
Blind travel $450


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