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Conditions We Treat


Children’s Health℠ Pediatric Group brings the physicians who practice at Children’s Health and their excellent medical care to your neighborhood. Our team of experts is focused only on caring for children and families, whether you need to see us for a routine illness or have complex medical needs. We also work with our families to educate them on the best care for children, no matter why they come to see us.

With our close ties to an academic medical center, we can connect you with a specialist in heart disease, endocrinology, cystic fibrosis or any of 50 specialty programs focused on children.

Our General Pediatric Services

  • Newborn care
  • Well-child care, including immunizations/vaccines
  • Care for common childhood illnesses and injuries, including sore throats, colds, allergies, ear infections, flu, minor scrapes and sprains
  • Chronic childhood illnesses, including asthma and diabetes
  • Care for behavior problems, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and anxiety
  • Care of complex chronic medical problems
  • Concussions
  • Chartering your child’s growth
  • Sports/school/camp physicals
  • Nutrition counseling

Procedures and Tests We Perform

  • Lab work
  • Suture removal
  • Cryotherapy (wart removal)

We look forward to being your healthcare partner year after year as you nurture your child’s good health.


Anemia is a condition where there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells to deliver oxygen to the body. Learn more about the causes.


Pediatric croup occurs when the upper airway swells, which causes a child to work harder to breathe and “bark” when coughing. Learn more.


Dehydration occurs when there is an extreme loss of water from the body and it causes an electrolyte imbalance. Learn more about the causes and symptoms.


Pneumonia occurs when the lungs swell and fill with fluid due to an infection. Learn how this develops and what symptoms to look for in a variety of ages.


Dyslexia is a disorder in which the child’s brain mixes up letters and words, making learning to read, write and spell difficult. Learn more about this common condition.

Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea is the sick-to-the-stomach feeling a child has in response to several conditions. Vomiting occurs when food is thrown up. Learn more about the causes.

Pediatric Pinworms

Pinworms, or Enterobius vermicularis, are small, white worms that can live in a child’s intestines and be easily transmitted to others. Learn more.


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