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Understanding Your Child's Condition


Information is important. At Children’s Health℠, we provide resources to help you, your child, and your family understand what is happening and why.

Resources Include:

Understanding the Diagnosis

The main thing to focus on at the time of diagnosis is what we call your “need to know” information. Take some deep breaths and identify what you need to know about the diagnosis to help your child at that moment and throughout the short-term future. 

After you have grasped the “need to know”, turn your attention to “nice to know” information. Don’t expect to learn everything at once. It is a learning process for everyone involved. Use the resources that Children’s Health provides to answer all those questions that come up. Make sure to keep a list going so you know what to ask about later.

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Your Child in this Process

Your child is the most important part of the care team, and their understanding of what is happening to them is vital. We make time to talk to your child and understand how this will impact not just their physical well-being, but also their emotional and social well-being. We have resources available to explain diagnosis to all ages. 

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