Pediatric Nasal Reconstruction

What is Pediatric Nasal Reconstruction?

Nasal reconstruction is rebuilding a nose that looks as natural as possible after some or all of it is missing. As the nose is so central in the face, any damage, deformity or difference between the two sides is easily and readily noticed. Nasal reconstruction may be required due to a variety of reasons such as accident or injury, a tumor or an infection.

As well as its importance as a key aesthetic part of the face, the nose also has other important roles in breathing and in the sense of smell. We offer a team of pediatric plastic surgeons, experienced in a wide variety of techniques for nasal reconstruction to best match the type of reconstruction required to the part of the nose that is missing; combined with Clinical Psychologists who can prepare and support children undergoing reconstruction, which can require multiple operations several weeks or even months apart.

Pediatric Nasal Reconstruction Doctors and Providers