Specimen Documentation


The clinical laboratory has received a number of specimens where the collector date and time are NOT documented in the system. Without this information the lab will no longer be able to process these specimens. Specimens will be rejected and will have to be recollected from the patient.

Please ensure that you are following the process below when collecting specimens.

  1. Locate your patient on the Rover device by one of the following methods:
    • Scan your patient’s armband
    • Search for the patient using the side menu
    • Pull your patient off of your “my list” or system list
  2. Navigate to the work list activity
  3. Filter on the Lab Tasks
  4. Locate and select the appropriate labs you want to collect
  5. Select the appropriate printer and print your specimen labels clicking on print label in the upper right hand corner
  6. Scan your patient’s armband
  7. Scan your specimen label
  8. Click on Collect in the upper right hand corner – collection is not complete until this final step

Without completing all the steps, your collector ID and collection date and time are not documented in the system. This will prevent lab from processing the specimens.

We appreciate your continued commitment to excellence and passionate patient advocacy.

Additional information and trainings pertaining to EPIC BEAKER processes at Children’s Health can be accessed in the Cornerstone learning management system.



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