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2017 Research Week: The Research Life Cycle


Research Week Agenda 

2017 Research Week: The Research Life Cycle Agenda


Day 1 - May 1 Presentations

Get To Know The Speakers

You Don't Have To Know Where You're Going- Research Engagement 

Developing A Research Project And Cell Model For Neurotropic Viral Infections

Targeting Cell Entry As Therapy Of Leishmaniasis

Request for Proposals - Service Package Grants

Grants 101 - Tips On Finding Funding, Writing Applications And Submission

How To Be More Attractive...To A Research Sponsor


Day 2 - May 2 Presentations 

Get To Know The Speakers

What Causes Childhood Kidney Cancer?

Carbohydrate-Restricted Diet Lowers Hepatic Triglyceride in Obese Adolescents with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Metabolic Syndrome

Applied Population Health Research: How to Begin Collaborative, Community-Based Research

Why Language Matters: The Ethical And Scientific Value Of Language Validation In Research With Spanish Speakers


Day 3 - May 3 Presentations

Get To Know The Speakers 

Outcomes of Pediatric Venous Thromboembolism

After the Research Ends: The Research and Evaluation Life Cycle

Using Survey Data to Understand Childhood Health Disparities in DFW: Analyses of 2015 Children's Health Assessment and Planning Survey

The ConTex Studies

The PECTUS Study


Day 4 - May 4 Presentations

Get To Know The Speakers

In A Model Of BPD Without RHAMM, Macrophage Migration Is Aff(AKT)ed But Proliferation Still W(ERK)s

Pediatric Patients With A Superior Sinus Venosus Defect Show A Large Variability In The Number And Position Of The Ostia

NICU Graduate Long-term Outcomes And The Link Between Parental Stressors During A NICU Admission

Systematic Review Of Strategies To Avert Treatment Abandonment In Childhood Cancer


Day 5 - May 5 Presentations

Get To Know The Speakers

Wait! She's In Foster Care!": Research Considerations Before Engaging Children In Foster Care

Study Maintenance and Performance Site Approvals


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