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Our Future


What we know about the future is that our community is going to continue to grow, as will the need to offer care for the smallest of the small. At Children’s Health℠ , one of our strategic priorities is “Right Care, Right Place, Right Time,” which means wherever families and children are, there we are too — and will be for generations to come.

Passionate Researchers

We also recognize the life-saving role we have with the Children’s Health Research Institute, which has the potential to realize discoveries that can yield groundbreaking advances in science and medicine. We already have made great strides in the research and development of new devices and procedures and will continue to do so.

Innovative Thinkers

The demand for the exchange of electronic health information from one health care professional to another is growing, and Children’s Health is a leader in this advancement. We are one of only two major healthcare systems to participate in the North Texas Accountable Care Partnership, which works to link the electronic health records of North Texas providers. This will give all providers much quicker access to critical health information, and that means our patients and families will not only continue to receive the highest quality care, but will also receive that care much more quickly.

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Collaborative Educators

With more than 800 physicians on the medical staff, Children’s Health has brought together some of the world’s top pediatric medical minds. As the primary pediatric teaching and clinical research hospital for UT Southwestern Medical Center, Children’s works tirelessly with the medical school to continue to recruit the nation’s top physicians.


Over a Century of History

Our team at Children’s Health— those who serve now, as well as those who came before — would not be where we are today, a century later, were it not for a vital and caring community. For the past 100 years, Children’s has accomplished so much, thanks to you and your ongoing support.

Today, we are able to provide the most advanced care possible for children and to continue our research to provide for discoveries that produce even greater results.

Thank you for helping to make a difference.