Health Information Exchange


Children’s Health℠ is one of two major systems to participate in The North Texas Accountable Care Partnership, which attempts to link the electronic health records of North Texas providers to provide seamless, coordinated care for North Texas patients. The Health Information Exchange (HIE) that we participate in gives providers and physicians much quicker access to critical health information, which means that Children’s Health patients and families will not only continue to receive the highest quality of care, but they will also receive that care much more quickly.

Other patient benefits of HIE include:

  • It reduces your paperwork; fewer and shorter forms for you to complete, reducing the health care “hassle factor.”
  • It gets your information accurately into the hands of people who need it, even if you have relatively simple health care needs.
  • It helps doctors coordinate care and protect patient safety. Suppose your child sees three specialists in addition to a primary care physician. Each of them may prescribe different drugs, and sometimes these drugs may interact in harmful ways. The HIE can warn care providers if they try to prescribe a drug that could cause that kind of interaction.
  • It reduces unnecessary tests and procedures. Repeat tests – whether a $20 blood test or a $2,000 MRI – results in higher costs and increased insurance premiums. With HIEs, all of a patient’s care providers can have access to all the test results and records at once, reducing the potential for unnecessary repeat tests.