The Center for Clinical Simulation at Children’s Health is committed to communication, collaboration and improving outcomes in crisis management. We aim to help health care providers develop skills and teamwork behaviors best learned under realistic conditions. Our mission is to improve children's lives through protocols learned with health care simulation.

Using health care simulation technology, trainees may practice skills and receive instant feedback focused on patient safety. Facilitators observe, assess and evaluate the processes and outcomes of both individual and team simulation. These outcomes are evaluated through the Advocacy-Inquiry method of debriefing.

Since its inception in 2006, the Center for Clinical Simulation at Children's has grown from a single SimBaby unit in a neonatal warmer, to a 3,000-square-foot facility where clinicians use high-fidelity manikins and virtual gaming to simulate complex patient scenarios.

Healthcare professionals will

  • Acquire skills
  • Learn how to manage unusual or rare complications
  • Develop dynamic, effective communication skills
  • Integrate into a cohesive, interdisciplinary team

The Center for Clinical Simulation lab has two simulation rooms – one is a general pediatric room and the other can simulate an ICU or operating room.
The control room, or audio-visual facilities, allow staff to record and playback the scenarios and activities in the lab rooms, as well as send a live-feed to the debriefing room.

The center also features a task trainer room, and a second, flexible space that works as a single conference or debriefing room, or alternately, as a divided space creating two rooms used for skills training.

Children’s Health healthcare professionals have the option of working with any of our seven high-fidelity and three medium-fidelity mannequins, as well as with numerous task trainers that include CPR and central line placement.

For software-based simulations, the lab offers a computer workroom with a virtual IV trainer and computer stations loaded with a virtual nursing application. All manikins work as well in situ as in the lab.