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Clinical Research & News


At Children’s Health℠, patient care motivates everything we do, every day. We continually seek new ways to expand treatment options and redefine what is possible in pediatric medicine.

Our researchers are at the forefront in the fight against childhood disease. Our team of leading scientists and doctors originate and participate in ground-roots basic research and preliminary and advanced clinical trials. Both basic and clinical research focuses on important topical issues in disease prevention and treatment.

Our current research – in conjunction with UT Southwestern –focuses on many critical areas including cancer research, cardiothoracic surgery, neonatology, kidney disease, infectious disease, pharmacology, sickle cell disease and psychiatry.
The Glossary of Terms, FAQs and Resources are intended to help inform potential candidates for research studies, and to help potential participants make informed decisions.

How Research Works

Scientific research asks and answers questions through experimentation and observation in order to advance medical knowledge and care.

Certain kinds of clinical research trials or studies rely on human volunteers to obtain data about the efficacy and safety of a new drug or a new medical procedure.

Clinical trials are essential for the continued advancement of healthcare and medical science. These studies follow strict standards to ensure the safety of participants and the reliability of the information collected.  Read More...

Clinical studies and research glossary of terms

There are many critical facts to consider before enrolling in a clinical study. The following  are a few common terms used in clinical research.    See More...

Resources for Patient Families

This information is designed to help investigators initiate and manage research projects and to encourage collaboration among faculty pursuing pediatric basic and clinical research.

This information includes institutional updates, educational and reference sources to assist investigators in maintaining the highest scientific and ethical standards in their work.  Read More...