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Contacting a Patient


Phone a Patient

To contact a patient at the hospital, you will need the patient's full name. Call our main line at 844-4CHILDRENS. The operator will give you the hospital room phone number for the patient.

Please note, though, that the patient's parent may choose not to make this information available. In that case, the operator is not able to provide any information for that young person.

Under no circumstances will the operator disclose information about a patient's medical status or any other personal information.

Web communication for patients’ friends, family

CaringBridge is a free Web-based service developed to keep friends and family informed during important life events, including medical treatment, rehabilitation and end-of-life care. The service provides free, secure and personalized Web pages designed to notify family and friends of news and information about their loved ones. Page authors post journal entries and pictures. Page visitors then respond by posting messages of support and encouragement. This two-way communication allows loved ones to remain connected. To learn more visit one of the Children’s Health Family Resource Library locations or use the address below to send mail to a patient.

(Patient Name)
c/o Children’s Medical Center
1935 Medical District Drive
Dallas, Texas 75235

To send mail from the hospital, or for help with any other questions you have, please ask the nurses’ station on your floor for assistance.