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Getting to Know Children’s Health℠

exterior of Children's Medical Center Dallas


At Children’s Health, caring for your child is a team effort and a tradition. We collaborate with the finest physicians, nurses and medical staff throughout the Dallas metroplex – and have been doing so for more than 100 years. We couple a national reputation with care that’s close to you.

What’s more, we focus not only on providing the best medical care, but also easing the stress that comes with having a child at the hospital. That’s what makes Children’s Health the place where you and your child will feel safe and be healed.

Our history and our future

This hospital started in 1913 when a group of nurses started an open-air clinic with the premise that children received better care when that care was focused only on them. That Dallas Baby Camp grew and eventually became Children’s Medical Center Dallas, the flagship hospital of Children’s Health.

That history made us what we are today. But we know that we are duty-bound to make sure we maintain that philosophy through every child we treat today. We are committed to you and making life better for children.

Local Collaboration - National Reputation

True care needs to be high-quality and close by. That’s why we have convenient locations throughout the metroplex and work with other leading health care institution in the metroplex:

We also have a Children’s Health Specialty Care Center at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas; additional facilities in Mesquite and Rockwallprimary care physician’s offices throughout the metroplex; as well as home care services.

We work with other health systems to make sure you get the best care – namely Parkland Hospital and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. UT Southwestern is a research hospital, which results in some of our most important medical breakthroughs. So when your child is there doctors will be accompanied by students (called “residents” and “fellows”).

Our page on our care teams provides an even deeper look into all our facilities, their locations as well as our staff.

Designed to focus on your child

Children’s Health is a nonprofit corporation, which means every dollar we make goes back into Children’s. Unlike public hospitals, which are funded through a significant amount of tax dollars, Children’s Health relies almost exclusively on donations.

Relying on donations means that we need to prove every day to the patients, the community and companies that support us that we are focused on the children in our community.

We still accept Medicaid, most types of insurance, and have financial aid for families that may struggle with the costs of care. Healthcare can be expensive. At Children’s Health, the services we offer aim to offer care for the sick and to provide education and support to prevent sickness in the first place.

Children’s Health Hospital 101

Terms to know

Doctors and medical staff almost have their own language. So here’s a list of terms that will make sure you and your child move quickly and efficiently through Children’s Health.

  • Inpatient - refers to a child staying overnight in the hospital.
  • Outpatient - this means your child is there for a doctor visit but won’t be staying the night. Most of our treatments are outpatient, and other phrases that means the same thing include doctor appointments, specialty care or ambulatory care.
  • Primary care - refers to the child’s primary provider (PCP)  who knows your child best. Primary care doctors – also called your pediatrician, – handle checkups, vaccinations and other regular appointments. That’s your first stop whenever your child has a problem. Children's Health is a referral hospital, meaning all patients come to the hospital through a referral from their own physician.
  • Tertiary care - this means your child will be involved in a very complex medical procedure and will be seeing a specialist physician. Primary care doctors regularly refer children to specialists for tertiary care. Some people see specialists for second opinions. Tertiary care is performed at Children’s Health Specialty Centers.

Our relationship with UT Southwestern and Parkland

Medical District is full of healthcare buildings. We often get asked what the relationship between Children's Health, UT Southwestern and Parkland is. UT Southwestern is a teaching facility. That means the doctors who are in training and the doctors employed at UT Southwestern also practice at other hospitals. The doctors at UT Southwestern practice at both Children’s Health, Children's Medical Center and Parkland. However, Children’s Health, Children's Medical Center and Parkland are not directly related. 

You will be a patient of both Children’s Health, Children's Medical Center and the doctor, who is likely a UT Southwestern doctor. Because of that, you might receive two bills - one from Children’s Health, Children's Medical Center and one from UT Southwestern.

Children’s Health, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, UT Southwestern Medical Center and Parkland Hospital work together to best care for our patients.



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