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School Services


When a child’s life is interrupted by an illness or hospital stay, as well as when he returns home, it is important that the child continue with as many normal activities as possible, such as school.  The ability to attend and participate in school is a measurable outcome for progress.

The School Services department integrates information regarding pertinent medical and educational needs to create individualized school recommendations for patients when they are discharged and to determine a school plan for patients with extended hospitalizations.

The goal of the school services department is to ensure that patients maintain their current academic standing or improve their academic rankings with our support. 

Our Educational Services include:

  • A school consult program
  • A  volunteer tutor program
  • The Dallas ISD (hospital-based program)
  • Plano ISD hospital (eating disorder patients)
  • The psychiatry school program

Enrollment criteria for Dallas ISD and Plano ISD:

  • The patient has an anticipated hospitalization of 10 school days (at the time school referral is made).  This includes children admitted for a one-time illness or injury as well as those whose illnesses require multiple hospitalizations. 
  • Patient must withdraw from their local school to be enrolled in the Dallas ISD program.  (School Services will assist with this process). 
  • Parents or legal guardians are required to complete all Dallas ISD registration paperwork in order for their child to be enrolled.

School services can provide assistance when:

  • Hospital stays will be 10 days or longer
  • Students cannot attend school or have multiple absences
  • Students need assistance with assignments
  • School reintegration and transition is necessary
  • There are general school questions or concerns
  • There is a risk of school failure
  • Academic and cognitive concerns are an issue
  • There is school avoidance