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Pediatric Music Therapy


A hospitalization can be frightening for children and families who may feel that they lack control in these unfamiliar surroundings. Music therapy sessions at Children’s Health are designed to help patients and their families cope with hospitalization and improve their physical, psychological, and emotional well being.

In the 1990s, Children’s was one of the first hospital to offer music therapy, reflecting a belief in a holistic approach to treatment that acknowledges the importance of addressing patients’ emotions. It now has the largest music therapy program in the region. Drawing on the universal language, music therapists are often able to communicate with patients in ways that other therapists cannot. 

Board certified music therapists are trained to use a variety of musical experiences to create a therapeutic relationship with patients and family members and to support children throughout their hospitalization.

Music Therapy goals

  • Calming a child’s fear and anxiety
  • Easing a parent’s distress
  • Allowing patients and families to express their feelings
  • Reducing patient’s level of pain
  • Providing sensory stimulation for patients
  • Providing support for siblings

Because it can bypass language, music therapy is even used to soothe newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, bringing comfort to the youngest and most vulnerable of patients.