Pediatric Therapeutic Arts Program

Pediatric Therapeutic Arts Program


The Therapeutic Arts Program at Children’s Health is dedicated to enhancing the psychosocial and medical care for patients and family members. Children’s Health has been a recognized leader in its support of promoting creative arts and medicine, since the inception of the music therapy program in 1996.


The purpose of the program is to create a healing environment by allowing patients and families to engage in expressive interventions.  The expressive arts interventions are specially designed to assist patients with some of the following goals: 

  • Pain management
  • Grief/trauma debriefing and support
  • Treatment compliance
  • Adjustment to medical diagnosis
  • Coping with hospitalization and/or diagnosis
  • Stress management
  • Decreasing anxiety and/or depression
  • Facilitating self-expression

The Therapeutic Arts Program provides services to patients at the bedside and in psychiatric therapeutic groups at the Dallas and Plano locations. Music and art programming is also held daily in the Therapeutic Arts Room, located in the lobby level of Children’s Medical Center-Dallas. Please visit the pages below for information on specific programs.

Pediatric Therapeutic Arts Room

As part of the Child Life Department, our art program features a calming and inspiring studio that gives patients and their siblings a chance to leave their hospital room for a while to color, paint, make arts and crafts projects, and let their creative urges run wild.

Pediatric Music Therapy

Our board-certified music therapists are trained to use a variety of musical experiences to create a therapeutic relationship with patients and family members, and this can help your child throughout her hospitalization.


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