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Teddy Bear Clinic

Nurse helping patient with teddy bear

Many children started the day off with concerned looks on their faces when they handed over their beloved animals at triage, radiology, IV, X-ray and surgical areas designed just for the miniature patients. In the corner of the room, a stuffed bear was placed in a mini X-ray machine before nurses wheeled it into “surgery.” The animal was attached to an IV pole and wore a mask for anesthesia.

Soon enough, the children's worried faces turned into smiles as they were reunited with their healthy teddy bears and on their way – with a feeling of accomplishment and a new perspective.

By Your Side

As the only academic health care facility in North Texas dedicated exclusively to the comprehensive care of children from birth to age 18, Children’s Health℠ provides patient care ranging from simple eye exams to specialized treatment in areas such as heart disease, hematology-oncology and cystic fibrosis.