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Room Service

guests ordering food services to patient room

At Children’s Health℠ we recognize how important it is to nourish both the patient and the patient’s family. We provide a variety of food choices to make healthier selections. Our Room Service menu offers made to order meals modeled on the MyPlate nutrition guide. Patients and guests can choose from an array of fruits or vegetables, as well as a wide selection of whole-grains, proteins, dairy, and of course, dessert. We also offer plenty of choices and offerings for our patients with food allergies or other therapeutic needs.

Children’s Health philosophy is that when patients are presented with delicious healthy options and choose those foods on their own terms, they are more likely to enjoy them, which helps their immune system stay strong.

Room Service is available from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. and will be delivered within 45 minutes. Dial 214-456-8181 from your room phone to connect to the kitchen.

Parents and families may also order from the Room Service menus using a Guest Meal Card, so families can eat with their child.

Parent and Guest Meals Procedures

  • Purchase a Guest Meal Card for $8, tax included. At Dallas, the cards may be purchased in advance in The Dining Car Cafeteria or purchase over the phone by dialing 214-456-8181 (in Plano: The cards may be purchased in advance at the coffee shop or in the Café during their hours of operations or purchased over the phone by dialing 214-456-8181.)
  • Meals include an entree (meat/beans), two sides (grains, vegetables), a fruit or dessert, and a beverage or milk.
  • Your Guest Meal Card will be picked up upon meal delivery.
  • For refunds on unused Guest Meal Cards, bring your receipt and the meal card to one of the purchase locations.
  • Please notify your nurse or a staff member for tray returns.