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Specialist Appointments


We focus on a family-friendly environment to help make your child's treatment at Children’s as comfortable as possible. We want you and your child to know what to expect every step of the way.

Your doctor may be sending you to Children's for only the day (even if your child is having surgery). You will have access to all our special services and care. Here are a few extra tips to help us give your child the best possible treatment:

  • If your child is having day surgery, you will be scheduled for a pre-surgical assessment appointment. At that time, you will get important information about preparing for surgery, such as limiting food and drink in the hours before surgery. Please follow the instructions carefully.
  • Your child’s safety is our first priority. If your child sees a cardiologist, neurologist, pulmonologist or endocrinologist, please make sure that they are aware of your child’s upcoming surgery. Please contact your surgeon’s office to let them know if your child sees any of the above physicians.
  • Our staff will call you to get personal information, including details about insurance. If our staff is unable to reach you by phone and you do not hear from us the day before surgery, please call 214-456-2190 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. This will make your child’s check-in go more quickly.
  • Regarding all insurance deductibles and co-payments, please know that the fees that are being collected on the day of surgery cover the use of the facility only. They do not include laboratory, pathology, surgeon or anesthesiologist fees. You will be billed separately for those services.
  • Insurance deductibles and co-payments for the facility use are due when your child checks in for surgery. Please contact your insurance company to confirm that the surgery is authorized and to learn what your personal out-of-pocket expenses will be. Be sure to specify that it is “outpatient surgery.” Any questions regarding the insurance approval for surgery should be directed to your surgeon’s office.

If you have questions, please call your doctor or the Children's pre-surgical assessment nursing staff at 214-456-5454.

Remember, our Children’s staff is here to help. If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to ask. You may also want to read the answers to questions we hear most often from parents and families.

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